Nick Gordon - Screenwriter 

When a group of Media students choose to make a documentary on the tale of a haunted hotel, they get more than they bargain for!

Media students Stu, Dan, Jo, Bridget and Codie have an important decision to make - to choose a topic that will guarantee them high marks in the final year at university.

They settle on a investigative documentary on a local folk-tale - a haunting of an old derelict hotel, set back from the beautiful lake of Thornton.

When an unexplained incident at the hotel leaves four of the group dead, and one missing, Media lecturer, and local film-maker, Nick Henderson, is summoned by the police and asked to help in the investigation to find out what happened to his students. 

Using the footage taken by the students, Nick weaves their story together and unearths what many already suspect. 

Nick's final cut shows the group as they begin to pick away at the legend of Charles Quarry, a devious murderer, a lurer of women, to whom he tortured and murdered some two hundred years ago.

When specifically positioned cameras begin to pick up paranormal activity in the hotel, it serves only as a tool to draw the young film-makers deeper and deeper into their investigation of the legendary haunting. 

It is on their last night in the hotel, they set up camp in the place where old police records reveal as the place where the tortures took place; the cellar.

Told completely through the 'first person', the final cut of their film serves to show exactly how the group met their terrible end and conclude the police investigation?

Will it be so...?