Nick Gordon - Screenwriter 

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few"

Wartime memories of the battle of Britain are re-lived in this epic tale of bravery and courage, as the ‘Few’ remaining pilots of the Royal Air Force endure a daily struggle against the superior numbers of Hitler’s elite Luftwaffe. This is their story!

Present day –

EDI BURROWS, an ailing Ninety-Three year old, gazes into the foothills of the Pennines and revisits her wartime memories of horror, turmoil and love…

Spring 1940 –

Posing as Canadian pilots, DANNY CABRARA and nine other Americans land in Britain to join the war alongside the brave Pilots of the Royal Air Force.

During conversion training in Northern England, Danny meets and falls in love with Edi, a beautiful young Hairstylist from the local town. Their budding romance is cut short, however, when Danny's training is cut short and he is posted to an active Squadron in lower England.

Only now does he learn the truth of how Europe’s war against Nazi Germany is fending. 160, 000 GERMAN SOLDIERS comb the beaches of Belgium and France and await the order to invade Britain.

But before HITLER can do this, the Pilots of the Royal Air Force must be beaten.

Outnumbered 4-1 Danny and the remaining pilots of the RAF face day-to-day bombardment by Hitler’s LUFTWAFFE, his supreme Air Force. Only these ‘few’ Pilots stand between total victory in Europe for Nazi Germany.

Left in the North, Edi feels that her hope for love is threatened and joins the Woman’s Auxiliary Air Force to join Danny in the war.​

On September 07th, an innocent walk in London’s East End turns to chaos, as the Luftwaffe deliver a deadly and astonishing blow to Britain’s Capital.

Prime Minister WINSTON CHURCHILL now knows that victory or defeat is in the hands of the few.

Realising the severity of London’s bombings and the uncompromising position of the RAF in Britain’s future, Edi and Danny are married and spend their first night together. 

As the first American is killed in action, the secret is out, and Danny and the other Americans are grounded and face charges.

The 15th of September, again, sees a high level bombing campaign by the Luftwaffe, deemed as the final attack before the invasion can begin. Desperate and in need of every pilot they can muster, charges are shelved and Danny and his friends take to the skies in the fight of their lives.

To Edi’s dismay, William is shot down and killed. As his request, Edi buries him where he fell.

Later, she buys the land and plants a forest around his grave. The forest is shaped like a heart.

Present day –

Edi, old and ailing, lies at her husband’s grave, and peacefully passes away.